We Protect The Environment

We take huge pride in identifying products that may be considered as waste or a by-product from production and recognized the potential of this by-product to become a source ingredient of alternative energy fuel  or natural fertilizers.

About RMC

Founded in October 2017, RMC Oil & Ecosolutions is a DENR-accredited waste transporter.

RMC is one of the leading industrial waste solutions companies in the Philippines that promotes not only the collection of different kinds of used oil as raw materials for renewable and sustainable energy, but also promotes caring for the environment and advocating the circular economy.


Our mission is to be the most professional and reliable private waste technology, waste and used oil collection, and coconut trading company in the Philippines. We aim to promote the use of renewable, clean energy by providing used oil, oleochemicals, and coconut products as raw materials for biofuel and sustainable energy companies. We seek to engage our communities on managing used, waste oil and adopting  proper and efficient waste management practice. 


Our vision is to be the largest, most professional hauler, distributor, and provider of sustainable material such as used cooking oil (UCO), oleo chemicals, recyclable waste materials, and coconut products to sustainable energy and biofuel companies in the world.

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