Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum for used cooking oil collection (UCO)?

Ideally, 20 litres or 3 tin cans. We can also pick-up a minimum of one (1) liter as long as we have a scheduled collection within the area. Contact us ahead for any pick-up arrangements.

What is the schedule of collection?

  • For households/residential, the pick-up schedule of collection is every Sunday. Please send us your details (name, address, contact number, how many litres) ahead of time so we can include you in our collection route.
  • For Commercial/Industrial, please send us your details so we can arrange a regular schedule of collection.

Where can we store used cooking oil (UCO)?

Air-tight containers like tin cans, empty mineral bottles or soft drinks bottles, pet bottles, or any containers with a tight lid.

Is there a fee for collecting used cooking oil (UCO)?

  • For commercial business/industrial, yes we pay. Usually 5-8 pesos per liter depending on the quality of the UCO.
  • For residential/households, we collect for free. We are unable to pay residential/households as we have to take into consideration the cost of transportation, gasoline, manpower. Collection from residential areas are part of our advocacy to raise environmental awareness.

RMC Oil & Ecosolutions, Inc. provides collection receipts and we always bring our DENR permits. For our regular clients, we also provide a certification of collection.

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